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The documentary about The Table of Alliance narrate the creation and realization of a multicultural art and sciente performance conceived by artist Daniela Papadia. Six women of different nationalities, all of them inmates in Rome’s Rebibbia Prison (Italy), embroider a 12-metre tapestry map of the human genome, the bond of communion for all humanity.


The project The Table of Alliance has the support of the Italian President of the Republic and his Medal of Representation. It has also the Patronage of: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Justice, Rome - Department of Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion, Pontificium Consilium Pro Familia.




The documentary features interviews with: Daniela Papadia, Karlita Diana Lopez Llica, Marinella Florescu, Sabrina Hornea, Iva Nilda Gomes Semedo, Georgiana Budescu, Giuseppina Colonnese, Paolo Briguglia, Ida Del Grosso, Gianni Soldati, Lamberto Maffei, Donato Marra, Pietro Grasso.






Francesco Miccichè








Daniela Papadia










Gioacchino Castiglione







Giancarlo Russo













Francesco Miccichè is an italian director and scriptwriter of numerous prize-winning TV series, mini-series, shorts and documentaries. He wrote and directed the short Forbidden Kisses (Baci Proibiti), with a young Pierfrancesco Favino in the lead role, winning recognition at the 53rd Venice Film Festival. Miccichè has directed a number of successful documentaries broadcast nationally on Italian networks. He directed the first four seasons of Challenges (Sfide), a Rai3 cult program showcasing sport: Award for Best TV director of the year (2002, San Remo), Flaiano Award (2002, Rome), Beppe Viola Award (2002, Milan), MOVIES e TV Award (in 2003 and in 2004, Milan), International Shangai Television Festival Award (2004, Shangai).

For Rai1 he wrote the storyline, collaborated on the script and directed the TV mini-series Free to play (Liberi di giocare). The script was inspired by the true story of a soccer team of Milan prison inmates, a story that Miccichè had already told in a Challanges documentary. The role won Favino the Maximo Award Prize as best actor at the Rome Fiction Fest (2007).

Miccichè has directed historic Rai and Mediaset TV series: The Police Squad, italian version of The Bill, A place in the sun), General Medicine 2, The New Police Squad, RIS Rome – Crime Evidence 2 and RIS Rome – Crime Evidence, High Schoolers 3, Enjoy your meal! – North vs South.













- Loro chi? Film (2015) Warner Production

- Lino Miccichè, my father. A world’s vision (Una visione del mondo, 2013). Doc.

- RIS Rome 3 - Crime Evidence (RIS Roma 3, 2012) TV series, Canale 5, 10 episodes.

- Enjoy your meal!- North vs South (Benvenuti a tavola!, 2012) TV series, Canale 5, 8 episodes.

- Hidden Olympics (L’Olimpiade nascosta, 2012) TV mini-series. Writer and scriptwriter.

- RIS Rome 2 – Crime Evidence (RIS Roma 2, 2011) TV series, Canale 5, 10 episodes.

- Ice Badile: freedom have no price (Ice Badile: la libertà non ha prezzo, 2011). Doc.

- High Grade Students 3 (I Liceali 3, 2009-2010) TV series, Canale 5, 8 episodes.

- The new Police Squad (La nuova Squadra, 2009) TV series, Rai3, 4 episodes.

- General Medicine 2 (Medicina Generale 2, 2008) TV series, Rai1, 10 episodes.

- Free to play (Liberi di giocare, 2007) TV mini-series. Written and directed for Rai1.

- The Police Squad 7 (La Squadra 7, 2005-2006) TV series, Rai3, 2 episodes.

- A place in the sun (Un posto al sole, 2003-2006) TV Soap, Rai3. 60 episodes.

- Challenges (Sfide, 2000-2004) Doc. Direction of 60 episodes, 26 prime time for Rai3.

- The Roman Forum road (La via dei fori imperiali, 2000). Doc for RaisatArte.

- Australian Adventure (1998) Commercial Doc. for Rai3.

- Mezzano, the past from the bottom (Mezzano, il passato dal fondo, 1995). Doc.

- Forbidden Kisses (Baci proibiti, 1996-97) Short. Written and directed.











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